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We are planning a redo of this page with Components New this is old copy of Components



and Potentiometers


Other Passives[edit]

including Inductors and Transformers


Little Computers for your entertainment.

Other Integrated Circuits [edit]

Op Amps, Voltage Regulators, Drivers, Digitally Programmable Potentiometers, 555 Timers ... For motor drivers see Motors below.

Transistors, Diodes, etc.[edit]

Diodes, Transistors are described here. ( But not Light Emitting Diodes = LED or Photo Diodes which are listed under Optoelectronics. )


LEDs, photodiodes, optoisolators, LCDs, IR proximity detectors,...


Crystals, Ceramic Resonators, oscillators, ...



Power Up.


Cover up.


Accelerometers, Gyroscopes, Temperature Sensors, Pressure Sensors, ...

Switches and Relays[edit]

Turn things on and off.


Make thing move. We include some circuits/chips for driving motors


GPS, Mobile Phone, RF Transceiver, Bluetooth Modules, ...

Popular Parts[edit]

So many parts to pick, but which ones? Why not pick a popular part, or a group of parts for areas of interest?

Component Manufacturers[edit]

Links to homepages, phone numbers, contact info, ... There is often info under each component as well in the components sections above.

PCB Manufacturers[edit]

contact info, PCB trace width/spacing capability, ...


Good places to buy, numbers to call, people to talk to, ...

Get your low cost motor controller boards & motor driver ICs

Free Samples[edit]

Free is nice.

Free From Salvage[edit]

Dig in, to the free stuff, a list of links and a bunch of ideas on how to use your loot.

Salvage Ideas[edit]

Unusual ideas for the fruits of your labor.

demo board[edit]

Lots of people put a microprocessor and most of the other essential stuff on a tiny little demo board, easy to plug into your solderless breadboard (or your custom PCB) that has just a few more things that make your project special.

data sheets[edit]

You will want data sheets for you parts. Check:


Component and Parts Storage[edit]

Component and Parts Storage