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Storage is a necessary pain. What do we want from storage?

  • Easy to find the parts.
  • Easy to setup and maintain.
  • Space efficient.
  • Reasonable cost.
  • Some people want to see the part.
  • Safe for the part.

Here we are mostly concerned with small parts which can be a problem no matter how much space you have.

Coin Envelopes[edit]

These are small ( but available in a variety of sizes ) brown paper envelops. You can buy them in boxes of hundreds. What is good about them.


  • Little wasted space for small parts.
  • Easy to write on ( and erase and reuse ).
  • Easy to sort.
  • Very inexpensive ( 500 for $15 recently on Amazon ).
  • Need to store them but see pictures for one way.
  • Parts not very visible.
  • Best for small parts.
  • Unclear on static issues, but can be used with static foam or bags.
  • Parts are not physically protected.

Env1a.jpg Coin Envolopes in a drawer.


Small Drawer Sets[edit]


  • Fair amount of wasted space. Drawer takes up same space empty or full.
  • Nice labels are a bit of a pain.
  • Fairly easy to sort.
  • Can be expensive, and almost never cheap.
  • Parts fairly visible by opening the drawer.
  • Unclear on static issues, but can be used with static foam or bags.
  • Parts are physically protected.


Divided Storage Boxes[edit]

Plastic boxes with divided sections. A significant disadvantage is that you can not easily dump just one kind of part to root through them.


There are some inserts for notebooks with envelopes or pockets. Some are clear so you can see the parts. We could use some more info on this.


Best for moderate sized parts when static is not an issue and seeing the part is. Reused washed food bags and they are free. Need a larger container to store them.

Plastic Shoe Boxes[edit]

Many are made that are easy to stack in a stable way. For larger parts. Can get ( with a good deal ) for about $1.00. May be used to hold smaller containers like baggies or coin envelopes.