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This is a draft for a workshop we are working on but which is not yet scheduled. Watch Meetup for an announcement: [Meetup: South Coast Innovator Labs] We would like your input, you can email User:Russ_hensel


Wikis are a great way to crowd source useful documents. If your are reading this, you are reading a wiki. The most famous wiki is probably wikipedia. This workshop will let you join in and edit this wiki or pretty much any wiki. The software for this wiki is media wiki, but other wiki software is quite similar.

There will be a free, "no fee" for this workshop and non members of SCIL are welcome.

Preparation/What to Bring[edit]

Stuff to Bring[edit]

  • Your computer, any kind: PC, Mac, Linux. Thats it.

Workshop Content Overview[edit]

Work in progress......