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Welcome to Open Circuits.

Open Circuits is a wiki for sharing electronics knowledge, schematics, board layouts, and parts libraries.

Key Points of Interest[edit]


The WikiNode project tries to link every wiki in the world together. Our "WikiNode" links to closely-related wiki (and their WikiNode links back).

If you want to talk about something that is not quite on-topic here at Open Circuits (say, "desktop PC case modding", or "embedded Linux programming"), our WikiNode helps you find another wiki where people love to talk about that exact topic. The corresponding WikiNode on each of those wiki helps people who want to talk about "open hardware" to discover this wiki.

Medical Electronics[edit]

Open Hardware Cell Phone[edit]

Other Open Wireless Communications[edit]

  • Amateur Radio Wiki - Online Encyclopedia for Hams
  • WSN, the Wireless Sensor Network Wiki - discusses wireless sensor networks. (wired sensor network discussion is also tolerated :-).
  • RONJA Wiki (offline as of 2008-03-02) - Reasonable Optical Near Joint Access, Free Space Optics device[1]. ("free technology" is the same as "open hardware", right?)
  • OpenWRT Wiki - "OpenWrt is an open source project to create a free embedded operating system for network devices."
  • NFC Tools - libnfc and other open-source projects for near-field communication (NFC).


Computer Architecture[edit]

We briefly touch on computer architecture on a few Open Circuits pages. ( Kestrel, Multi-purpose Embedded System, Expansion bus, relay CPU ). For far more details, see other wikis such as

Vehicles, Robots, and CNC[edit]

  • RepRap Wiki - discusses the RepRap project to build a "Replicating Rapid-prototyper", a self-copying 3D printer. "Complete open-source instructions and plans are published on this website for zero cost and available to everyone so, if you want to make one yourself, you can."
  • EVProduction - discusses several electric open source vehicles.
  • OpenServo Wiki - developing a digital servo motor that accepts "Go to position X" commands and also more complex curves, and returns actual servo position, speed, voltage and power consumption.
  • Robotics wiki (offline as of 2007-07-07, Internet Archive capture)
  • PMinMO Wiki - describes an open-source CNC machine—software, electronics, motors, hardware, etc.—and related information, such as CNC PCB milling. (was: [2] ) needs WikiNode
  • VEMS Wiki - has some interesting electronics projects. In particular, the GoBox project to tune automobile engines to minimize the amount of fuel used. needs wikinode
  • JMRI Wiki - tools for model railroad computer control
  • DCCWiki - "Digital Command Control", discusses computer-controlled model railroads
  • AdaWiki - discusses open source benchtop tools, laser cutters, and electronics DIY/hobbyists. needs wikinode
  • EcoModder Wiki - discusses various ways to measure and improve vehicle gas economy, including "MPGuino is an open source fuel economy computer (Arduino based) for any vehicle with electronic fuel injection and a Vehicle Speed Sensor."
  • MakerBot Wiki (offline as of 2014-10-26, Internet Archive capture)
  • ArduCopter Wiki - discusses ArduiCopter, the Arduino-based autopilot for multi-rotor craft, from quadcopters to traditional helis. From the DIY Drones development team. The open-hardware electronics connects gyros, magnetometers, accelerometers, GPS reciever, RC reciever, etc., and drives 2, 4, 6, or 8 rotors in a variety of configurations to give autolevel and auto altitude control and stabilized RC control.
  • MultiWii - software to control a RC multi copter, supports various sensors but was initially developed to support Nintendo Wii console gyroscopes and accelerometers

Electronic Design Automation[edit]

  • KiCad (offline as of 2010-05-07, Internet Archive capture) - a GPL'd suite of programs for EDA
  • KiCadHowTo - tutorials and other information to help you quickly become a fluent KiCad user
  • Protel Users Wiki (offline as of 2011-12-31, Internet Archive capture) - for people who design and draw schematics and circuit boards with Protel
  • gEDA Project Wiki - discusses "the gEDA project"—developing a full GPL'd suite of Electronic Design Automation tools (electrical circuit design, schematic capture, simulation, prototyping, and printed circuit board (PCB) layout.
  • OpenCircuitDesign - the other Open Circuit Wiki, discusses mostly free tools for designing integrated circuits
  • Open Component Project - a shared repository of public domain symbols, footprints, and 3D component models for use in electronic design automation (EDA) software.


Artists, inventors, scientists, engineers. The exciting thing to me is to learn about strange things that creative people are doing around the world, with no regard for genre, style, school of thought, area of expertise, etc. ... committed to the idea of "availability over promotion", meaning their main concern is to help things exist, rather than making hits or selling lots of copies.


Various small CPU modules that have their own wiki (see also ARMUS Embedded Linux Board and other motherboards that run Linux)

  • eLinux - information on running Linux on several small ARM-based embedded systems and Texas Instruments OMAP processors.
  • Linux Robots Wiki (offline as of 2014-10-26) robots that run Linux
  • Ballonboard Wiki - for the Balloon Project. They have developed a small single-board computer that can run Linux. Also discusses "The Balloon Open Hardware License (BOHL) ... The license is intended as a general purpose open hardware license".
  • 2 Gumstix wiki: (Gumstix are motherboards that run Linux#Gumstix. Gumstix expansion board schematics and layouts open hardware -- published under a creative commons licence. )
  • Gumstix User Wiki - "Gumstix users can share their knowledge, showcase their Gumstix-based projects, and pass on links to other sources of information and materials." needs wikinode
  • Virtual Cogs Wiki (offline as of 2008-11-10, Internet Archive capture) - describes a CPU board that uses a stacking connector system.
  • emQbit Wiki (offline as of 2011-07-29, Internet Archive capture) - "The Free ECB_AT91 V1 is a Single Board Computer made by emQbit. You can download the specs and build your own." based on a 180 MHz ARM9 processor (Atmel AT91RM9200); runs Linux.
  • BeagleBoard Wiki - The BeagleBoard runs Linux. The embedded Linux wiki also discusses BeagleBoard.
  • Arduino Playground - discusses the Arduino board based on the Atmel AVR ATmega168. (See also the Atmel AVR wiki).
  • ElphelWiki - discusses the free software and open hardware inside Elphel cameras. That hardware includes a FPGA that handles video processing and video compression, and a ETRAX FS processor that runs Linux.
  • LeafLabs Wiki - discusses the Maple, a Arduino-compatible board that uses an ARM processor, and other stuff from LeafLabs. needs WikiNode

Related Wikis[edit]

  • OpenJTAG Wiki (offline as of 2014-10-26)
  • The Analog Wiki (offline as of 2014-10-26) - "The Wiki for Design & Verification Engineers by Design & Verification Engineers."
  • The Hardware Book - Internet's largest free collection of connector pinouts and cable descriptions. needs WikiNode
  • OpenFPGA Wiki (offline as of 2014-10-26) - needs WikiNode
  • CATkit Wiki (offline as of 2014-10-26) - CATkit is an open hardware project designed as a standalone interactive Forth computer for audio sound artists. (Based on Microchip PIC 18F).
  • OpenBIOS - discusses several free and open source implementations of IEEE 1275-1994 (also called "Open Firmware"). Open Firmware allows expansion cards to provide a "boot ROM" that works all common platforms, like x86, AMD64, PowerPC, ARM and Mips.
  • OpenBook Wiki (offline as of 2014-10-26) - discusses OpenBook, an open source hardware and software project designing a computer tablet ... Everyone can contribute and help to shape the OpenBook hardware and software specifications.
  • Chaos Communication Camp 2007
  • (offline as of 2014-10-26) - discusses vacuum tube technology and science, circuits, theory, people and equipment related to vacuum tubes
  • Linux1394 Wiki (offline as of 2014-10-26) - discusses FireWire on Linux and related device drivers, tools, libraries, and hardware. needs wikinode
  • RFID Guardian - discusses an open hardware project designed to guard privacy. needs wikinode
  • Wikitronics - needs wikinode
  • SDIY Wiki - for learning and sharing knowledge about making, modifying, or repairing electronic musical instruments and related equipment.
  • OrbSWARM - a wiki for an open hardware group that build swarms of semi-autonomous spherical robots. needs wikinode
  • The Great Internet Migratory Box of Electronics Junk - "a progressive lending library of electronic components. An internet meme in physical form halfway between P2P zip-archive sharing and a flea market. It arrives full of wonderful (and possibly useless) components, but you will surely find some treasures to keep. You will be inspired look through your own piles, such as they are, and find more mysterious components that clearly need to be donated to the box before it is passed on again." needs wikinode
  • DataFlow Wiki - a wiki about art, new medias, electronics, interaction design, Python, PureData and other dataflow languages.
  • Wockets - a wiki about developing low-cost sensors for measuring physical activity on mobile phones.
  • Wiki (offline as of 2014-10-26) - "up-to-date information about synthesizers, patches, modifications, etc." needs wikinode
  • Bicycleledpov - A bicycle visual LED artwork
  • Micropendous - Open Hardware Development Boards for the Atmel's Full-Speed (12Mbit/s) USB AVR Microcontrollers (AT90USB162, ATmega32U4, AT90USB646, AT90USB1287)
  • Noisebridge - Noisebridge is an infrastructure provider for technical-creative projects, collaboratively run by its members
  • Wikiants do-it-yourself (in German) (offline as of 2014-10-26) - has a section on Wikiants: open hardware.
  • Qi-Hardware - Qi's mission is to promote and encourage the development of copyleft hardware.

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