Topway LCD

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LCD model: LM6023ADW[edit]

Tested temperature Range : -8 to 40[edit]

  • The contrast becomes dimmer when Temperature is lower than 5 degree
  • The contrast becomes brigher when Temperature is hight than 35 degree

life time[edit]

  • normal backlight as 40,000hrs, dim down backlight as 90,000hrs

5V LCD to 3.3V LCD[edit]

  • connect JP3
  • disconnect JP2
  • place a 4.7uF cap onto C10.
  • remove R7.

3.3V LCD to 5V LCD[edit]

  • disconnect JP3
  • connect JP2
  • remove C10
  • place 500 ohm onto R7. (arounnd 10% brightness of original)