RS232 RS485 USB Converter Board

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  • for low traffic and low speed application
  • mcu, RS232, RS485/RS422, slave usb all can be interchangeable.
  • usb side
    • support platform in linux with usb driver
    • simulated uart programming in application level
  • rs232 to rs485 side
    • Tested max. baudrate is 115200(i assume more high baudrate can be accepted, but i have not tested)





  • get a usb chips to uart, which with linux driver
  • linux driver
  • get a USB to RS-232/RS-485 converter driver ,PCI/PCI-Express TO RS-232/RS-485/RS-422 Driver
  • re-design all PCB boards dimension following a mechanical box
  • merge RS232 board and RS232_dspic_prog board together
    • using 5 pins as TTL level connection, adding one more for RS485 ctrl, and pin layouts as "signal power signal power ..."
  • In the market, it has so many these kind of converter and very cheap price(<HK100) and they are including a small mechanical box(electronic does not complex, but mechanial box is complex), which is better than what we do by ourself.