Pics of 3D Printed Case

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These are some pictures of the case discussed in Parametric 3D Printed Electronics Case/Enclosure see it for more info.

Case for a Power Supply Module[edit]

These are pictures of the design, not the final print. At time time I was messing with colors and transparency as a way of seeing if it helped me navigate the model ( ans: perhaps yes ); these effects we not intended to be printed.

These pictures reflect a plan to print the case in two parts with bolts or self tapping screws to hold it together. The pictures also show some of the workflow to create the stl files.

Entire Case[edit]

This is the whole case with some different effects to distinguish the parts. The dimensions and sketches for each face have been completed. The part with the drill holes in the front will be replaced by one without the holes.

Case for ps trans front.png

Sides, Front and Bottom[edit]

Note that this is showing ( and later we will use in fusion ) FrontPunched not FrontPunchedDrilled as we are going to print as one part and do not need to fasten these parts together, they will be one part.

All but top rear.png

Top and Rear[edit]

This is the second piece to be printed. The case will be bolted together from 2 printed parts.

Top and rear.png


This looks a lot like "Sides, Front and Bottom" but is really a fusion of the parts. The transparent effect is gone.

All but top rear fusion.png

Fusion to Mesh[edit]

This is the mesh of the fusion, ready for stl export. Both the fusion and mesh may be deleted after export. It deletes only them, not their component parts.

All but top rear mesh.png