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Bus Comment
ZorroII 16bit direct cpu, autoconf, busmaster
ZorroIII 32bit, multiplexed
ISA8 8bit, dumb
ISA16 16bit
PCI 32bit, autoconf
PCI-Express serial lanes
USB Options: Ethernet, Mass storage, Multimedia Vinculum Vmusic

ATA (IDE), ZorroII, SCSI all wants a large number of I/O pins. There a currently 4 remaining. A few more possible by reusing boot configuration pins. Getting larger fpga means BGA and that is a path you don't want to go.

But fpgas are capable of really fast communications, esp the standard spartan3. So a possibility is to use the leftover I/O to connect another fpga to hookup these things. Essentially a "south bridge" running on a pseudo serial bus.

Not minding the cost of an extra fpga, special copper trace requirements, support circuitry, power, and connectors.

Connect the Zorro bus bridge directly to the CPU bus

The Zorro bus IS the CPU bus.
ZorroII/III pinout

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