Minimig SD-card compatibility

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Results of testing various SD card and MultiMediaCard with the Minimig:

Tested SD-Cards
Manufacturer Model Size Works Comment
Kingston SD 1 GB Yes
Kingston SD/2GBKR 2 GB Yes Works fine
Kingston SD 50x 2 GB Yes
Kingston MMC 128 MB No Not detected by Minimig
Panasonic SD 1 GB Yes
PNY SDHC 4 GB No Six flashes: not recognized
Sandisk Ultra II 1GB Yes
Sandisk Ultra II 2GB Yes
Sandisk MMC 1 GB Yes Noticeably slower than other cards
Transcend N/A 1 GB Yes
Ultra SD 2 GB Yes
UnityDigital N/A 1 GB Yes
Memory Master SD 2 GB Yes
takeMS MMC 1 GB Yes Very low data transfer rate in Minimig
Sandisk microSD 128 MB Yes A bit slower then generic SD
Sandisk microSD 256 MB Yes As above
Sandisk microSD 1 GB Yes As above
Goodram SD 1 GB Yes Works
eXagerate MMC 128MB No Not detected
Fujifilm SD 512MB Yes Works fine
Transcend SD Class 6 16 GB Yes Willem Nijhuis AKA Wizard66
Transcend TS32GSDHC10 Class 10 32 GB Yes Willem Nijhuis AKA Wizard66