Minimig Improvements

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Some ideas for Minimig improvements:

Project name Basic Comment
Minimig Selftest Y
Graphics N More games possible to run
Harddisc Y Larger software installations possible.
Ethernet ? Rid of the need for flashmemories? & Network boot.
Use DRAM Y Memory hungry software becomes possible. And developer board have dram builtin.
Shared MCU/FPGA RS232 Y One less jumper..
NTSC Y NTSC monitors can be used.
S-Video Resistor D/A issues etc.. Y
Breakout pinheaders Y More installation flexibility
MCU user I/O Y Wire the unused MCU (pic18xxxx)
ports to a user I/O pin header
Kickstart replacement N Rid of Amiga Inc dependency.
Discimage support .ADF .DMS .FDI .ADZ N ADF is not sufficient for some copyprotected discs
Expansion via Zorro ISA PCI PCI-Express N Make use of old hardware
Upgrade the FPGA Y More logic & I/O pins
HDL devices N Devices in HDL languages - needs no hardware
Real floppy controller N Make disc images for Minimig (see Amiga floppy project)
Simulate Atari ST, Mac-68k etc.. N
Realtime clock N Correct timestamp on disc files
Parallel port N Multiplayer, Printer, ParNet etc..
Faster CPU N mc68020+ makes it possible to run NetBSD (unix)
CPU in verilog/vhdl N Makes Minimig on a stock FPGA developer board possible
Wikipedia: FPGA+CPU N FPGAs with CPU onchip
/BERR Support Y For 68K /BERR Vector when non-existant memory accessed


74CBT16245 - jkonstan 070901