Minimig Board v1.0 bootrom

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Filename Description
bootrom.s MC68000 Assembler source to load kickstart via floppy interface into ram memory
BOOTROM.S19 Output: Intel HEX code file?
BOOTROM.SYM Output: Value definitions (Addresses, constants etc..)
bootrom.v Output: Bootrom binary data translated into Verilog source code. Included into core/BootRom.v
make_bootrom.BAT Script to compile 'bootrom.s'
as32/AS32.DOC AS32.EXE - Motorola Freeware 68332 Cross Assembler documentation v1.2 1990-11-xx
as32/AS32.EXE MS-DOS executable 'Motorola Freeware CPU32 assembler'
as32/AS32REFMAN.txt Motorola Freeware 32-bit cross assembler user's manual v1.2
S2Vrlg/S2Vrlg.exe M$-Win32 executable .s19 to verilog constant converter
bootrom.lst Output: Code reference file


as32\as32 -l -s bootrom.s >bootrom.lst
S2Vrlg\S2VRLG bootrom.s19 bootrom.v