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We have several related articles about Microcontroller Serial Communications on this site. These articles themselves have many links off site.

  • Microcontroller Serial Communications Articles this article, the a root for the articles on the site.
    • RS232/USB Probe an application with much of the functionality of a terminal emulator but with specialized extensions for for MicroController command response control. The basis for a series of more specialized applications. See it for information on installation of all the applications and for access to the bug and enhancement list.
    • USB Bit Whacker Brief discussion of this interesting development board with built in USB communications.

  • RS232 a discussion of some of the theory behind Microcontroller Serial Communications. The PC side of this is implemented by RS232/USB Probe and its related applications.
  • PC-Microcontroller Communications an article on some of the technology of microcontroller communications and lots of external links. List of terminal emulators and alternatives to Hyper Terminal.
  • SPI is a popular protocol for many small peripheral chips
  • CAN bus is designed to allow low-cost devices to communicate with each other within a vehicle without a host computer.
  • Local Interconnect Network (LIN) is designed to be even lower-cost than CAN bus. Some large systems use many simple sensors in low-cost LIN sub-networks, then connect the single master of each LIN sub-network with CAN or some other backbone network.

Microcontroller Projects that Use Serial Communications[edit]

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