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This is a draft still in process, software is farther along than this document. My interest has drifted off for now, I will be back. Email me if you are interested in some quick ( not quite instant ) gratification.


  • Name: Graphical Data Logger
  • Status: working, but do to general lack of interest I am not updating this page, email me if you have a serious interest.
  • Technology: Java -- should run on many platforms, Windows 98 through Vista, Mac, Linux.
  • Author: russ_hensel ( where you can find an email address to reach me )
  • License: not fully determined, but open source and object code.


Record analog data from a USB Bit Whacker ( or similar device ) and both graph and log the data.

This is one of a series of articles on Microcontroller Serial Communications, rooted at this site here: Microcontroller Serial Communications Articles

Early Mock Up of Screen[edit]

Screen Shot


Coming soon, but not yet; for early adopters email me russ_hensel

Use Details[edit]

Some Use Details

Here is some detail on all the Graphical User Elements.

GUI Element Use

Bugs and Enhancements[edit]

See the list at RS232Probe Enhancements and Bugs a list for all the related applications.