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An inductor is a passive electrical component that can store energy in a magnetic field created by the electric current passing through it. An inductor's ability to store magnetic energy is measured by its inductance, in units of henries. Typically an inductor is a conducting wire shaped as a coil; the loops help to create a strong magnetic field inside the coil due to Ampere's Law. Due to the time-varying magnetic field inside the coil, a voltage is induced, according to Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction, which by Lenz's Law opposes the change in current that created it. Inductors are one of the basic components used in electronics where current and voltage change with time, due to the ability of inductors to delay and reshape alternating currents. Inductors called chokes are used as parts of filters in power supplies or to block AC signals from passing through a circuit.

If the rate of change of current in a circuit is one ampere per second and the resulting electromotive force is one volt, then the inductance of the circuit is one henry.

equation here soon[edit]

units A = ampere

C = coulomb

F = farad

J = joule

kg = kilogram

m = meter

s = second

Wb = weber

V = volt

Ω = ohm


  • tuned circuits: a circuit that responds in a special way to some frequencies( s ).
  • power supply filter: remove the pulsing DC left from rectification or other noise in the signal.
  • Decoupling: usually blocking high frequencies from one part of a circuit from getting in another part.
  • boost buck regulators: voltage regulators that decrease or increase voltage.