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This is the gui for a different application -- I will fix this soon.

This is the GUI for the project Python Easy DataBase Project:

Smart plug graph 1.png Smart plug 1.png

The GUI[edit]

This application provides

Smart plug 1.png

System Widgets[edit]

These widgets are present both the SmartPlug and the SmartPlug Graph application. They are related to managing the application, not to the purpose of the application.

  • <Edit Log>: Open the application python log file using the system editor specified in parameters.py file. Note: The edit functions work only after you have configured parameters.py for your systems text editor
  • <Edit Parms>: Open the application parameters.py file using the system editor, after the file has been modified. The system can be quickly restarted using the Restart button.
  • <Restart>: Quickly restarts the system after the parameters.py file is changed or any time you want to restart the system from its current defaults
  • <Help>: Open help file ( which mostly links to this wiki ?? )
  • <About>: An about box, also display memory application is using.
  • <Window Title>: Displays application name, version, and mode ( mode set in parameters.py ).

Application Widgets[edit]

  • <Database file>: Lets you pick a database file ( default set in parameters.py ).

Message Area Widgets[edit]

The message area is the large white area at the bottom left of the window. It is a scrolling text area. It keeps a finite number of lines as set in parameters.py It is present in both applications.

  • <Clear: Clears all messages.
  • <Copy Sel>: Copies selected/highlighted ( select with mouse ) into the clipboard
  • <Copy All>: Copies all the data.
  • <Scroll> checkbox: Turn on and off auto scrolling of the message area, turning it off can make reading and copying easier.


  • Database file: as above ( name a new file when creating an empty database )
  • <Define 0 DB>: create an empty, new database.