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This is the Help "file" for the Python Application whose main page is: Python Delete Duplicate File Utility

This Help Page is Early Draft[edit]

2021 July .... working on enhancements so may get this page right, had to get wiki here working again, finally is Fix coming soon..... No it is not, help is going to link to the main project page. This material will be reused elsewhere if useful.

This Python program ( is an application to allow you do identify and delete duplicate files on your computer:

  • Features.....


Much of the use of the application can be understood if you grok the gui. see using the GUI: Delete Duplicate File GUI

draft material[edit]

  • Edit the parameter file: Use your development environment for Python or a text editor to edit See also: The section below, Configuration Files For Python. I have a button on the GUI for this.
  • Install: see section above.
  • Debug: see section below.
  • Quick Restart of the application: Not in this app, just shutdown and restart.
  • Use your preferred text editor. In the parameter file, see below.

More Info Here[edit]

How to Use the Parameter File[edit]

See for general information: Configuration Files For Python

Setting the Mode[edit]

For each "mode" of the system you should have a method and call it near the top of, see the default file shipped with the system. These method typically start with the word mode. They are all adjustments after the default_config ( may change the name to mode_default ?? ) is called. That way each mode method can be shorter by accepting the defaults.

Read the Code[edit]

The method """default_config""" sets up the system well enough to open ( but probably not to do anything useful on your computer ) and is highly commented so you can understand the meaning of each attribute.

For the Delete Operations[edit]

The most important attributes are:

For a System Editor[edit]

Parts of the application will try to call a text editor on your system ..... see discussion in ..... tbd

Other Editing[edit]

Editing of the file

    • See above in Download and Install
  • Enable your favorite editor to work with the application.
    • self.ex_editor = r"D:\apps\Notepad++\notepad++.exe" # use r" or the backslashes will not work, or you can use forward slashes instead; they may be "wrong" in Windowd, but they work.
  • Lots of other settings:
    • Read the comments in and change as desired. If a setting does not work let me know.
  • If you mess up.
    • Re download and get back to the original parameter file.