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GM862 SMD Connector GM862 SMD Connector

DB9 Connector DB9 Serial Connector

Barrel Jack Barrel Power Jack

Mini-USB Mini-USB SMD connector

Mini-USB MicroSD/Transflash Socket

UEXT: universal expansion connector. The standard UEXT connector consists of ten pins (two rows of five, with 0.1" spacing) and supports I2C, SPI, and RS-232 serial communication, as well as carrying +3.3V power and common ground. -- Wikipedia: UEXT

JTAG connectors?

ideas#better data cable ideas

Some connector companies in no particular order: Samtec, Molex,

Rather than wiring a connector up directly to a CPU, one typically has some input protection between them.

The SFE Footprint Library includes a few connectors.

Mark Whitis has a list of "common pitfalls of Micro Development Boards". He describes how the 26 pin connectors on his Mark Whitis Microcontroller Development Board avoid those pitfalls and have many non-obvious features that make them superior to many other connectors.

Massmind: "Maximum interconnect options from minimum board space" discusses a board pattern that gives you the option of plugging in any one of a variety of different connectors.

Connectors and data cable ideas are further discussed at Ideas#better_data_cable_ideas.

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USB-C breakout boards

Reduced pin count USB connectors and cables

  • Tony P. "How to add USB Type C to your USB 2.0 projects": "replace the micro-USB / mini-USB ... 24 pin connectors are really unfriendly packages. They are very dense making it incredibly hard to reliably solder. The solution to this is to use a reduced pin count type C. ... "TYPE-C-31-M-12" ... by Korean Hroparts Elec [is a] 12 pin USB Type C connector"
  • Sparkfun. "Reversible USB A to C Cable - 2m": "Supporting USB 2.0 speeds and charging up to 2A, ... the flexibility of a thinner cable and the wonderful feel of a reversible ... USB-A connection. ... This cable has the D+/D- wires along side large-gauge VBUS/GND wires."
  • SparkFun. "Connector Basics: USB Connectors": "USB-B Connectors ... is bulky, but robust, so in applications where size is not an issue, it's the preferred means for providing a removable connector for USB connectivity."
  • Matthew Lai. "Designing with USB-C: Lessons Learned": "Type-C connectors tend to be much harder to solder ... The standard is also much more complicated, though as we will see shortly, actual implementation is VERY simple if we just want to use it to replace micro-B in USB 2.0 devices (as opposed to hosts). ... USB 2.0-Only SMT ... connectors ... omit all the pins not required for USB 2.0... [such as] the Korean Hroparts TYPE-C-31-M-12 (LCSC part number C165948)."

Magnetic connectors

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