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This will introduce programming, evern for beginners, to the computer language Python. Before continuing you might say Why Python? Some of us think Python is the best single language for you to know if you know only one computer language. See: Why Python

Here are the ideas we are thinking of incorporating:

  • Mostly use free materials available on the net
  • Basic instruction all comes from use of net materials, self instruction, and working on coding.
  • Each participant works on their own project or series of projects.
  • Classes meet for special help and issues with coding and problems. Probably Google Meet Up or similar will allow much of all of the class to happen on the web.
  • Structure for beginners without the necessity of any programming background.
  • Instructors to be available via the net, no need to wait for a class.
  • Students help each other.
  • Orient around increasing difficult exercises, not on a tour through syntax or other straight ahead methodology. This a breadth first ( not depth first ) approach. At first you will learn a little about a lot of topics instead of a lot about few topics.


We are just about to go online, interested? Contact User:Russ_hensel

Course Logic[edit]

We are not going to write all the material on a course here, there is so much already written about Python on the web already. Instead we are going to try to organize that content into some sort of useful program for you. To a large extent we are going to use:

plus others we are looking for; got a suggestion??

We will add supplements to put the material in a bit more context. "Classes" will be for discussion with the "instructor" and other students about the content. We will also have "instructors" who will be available to answer questions that you may have.

All students will also be encouraged to have some project program of there own that they will work on as a supplement to the rest of the course, see: Python Course Project

More details as we work them out.

Links to Course Pages[edit]

The following will link you into some of the material we have written for the course. You can also check the category "Python Course" below ( or on any Python Course page )

  • Python Course Start Here Go to this page if you just want to get going. You can take the course by working through the assignments and doing a project. Instructors will help as needed.
  • Python Course Topics List of topics we could cover. Let us know what interests you.
  • Python Course Project We recommend that you "assign" yourself a project. Projects are a great way to learn.
  • Python Topics Topics that may be of interest but that may not be integrated into the course.

Do You Need This Course?[edit]

Maybe not, especially if you already know some other computer language. If so you may simply start by reading material on Python and then using it, or perhaps picking a problem you want to solve and look up the material on Python that helps with that problem. The course may help however in a couple of ways:

  • By pointing out important aspects of Python you might miss in a more random approach.
  • By providing a paced environment so you do not just let time pass without study.
  • By giving a bit of social context with other students that may make the whole process more interesting.