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It has taken me a while to work out a header for C programs that I like. It is for both me and for those who try to reproduce or modify the project.

The Example[edit]

// Overview:
//		A program to drive the PIC based Stepper Motor Dancing Analog Clock
//		Author:  russ_hensel, see:  http://www.opencircuits.com/User:Russ_hensel  
// Environment:  
//		SourceBoost BoostC  6.90 full version on XP
//		PIC: 16f877A
//		Check: Settings -> Options -> Extra compiler options: <none>
//		Check: Settings -> Options -> Extra linker options: -v   -swcs 6 2
//		Check: Settings -> Options -> Tools -> Compiler and Linker Location to match your configuration
//		Clock: see pragma and #define below
// Hardware Assignment
//		RB.0     		interrupt input from IR reviever	
//		Timer1			timing for IR
//		Serial Pins		for serial interface	
// Reminder notes:
//		keep help db up to date as to the location of libraries, for this the serial comm library
//		see help db "serial comm"
//		check out clock speed and baud rate!
//		adjust CYC_PER_SEC to set to demo or true speed
//		check version in rptVersion()
//		arrays may be in rom or not, trade off for which resource seems more restricted. ( tested for most arrays )
// 		Status of comments
//				take with a grain of salt, in particular the effect on globals may be incomplete
// status/history ( indented when done )
// 		location now: C:\Russ\PER\_XX\PIC\BoostC\DDClock_OpenCircuits\DDClock.__c
//		seems to work, fine, but want to enhance
//	Compile results:
//		Serial WClock version = Dec 24 2008 a
//			RAM available:368 bytes, used:160 bytes (43.5%), free:208 bytes (56.5%), 
//			Heap size:208 bytes, Heap max single alloc:95 bytes


Something to add, take away...

Got another Example?[edit]