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Why learn Python?

Python has some great features

  • Free including programming environments.
  • Good employment opportunities.
  • Popular ( not the most, but good )
  • General Purpose including ......
  • Easy beginning learning curve.
  • Big community of users.
  • Lots of libraries for special applications, do not have to code your own.
  • Lost of references, tutorials, documentation free and on line.
  • Runs nicely on the RaspberryPi
  • Has its own iconic cartoon [import antigravity] ( do you know of any for another language? )
  • Named after Monty Python, how cool is that.
  • Runs on many OS's including the Raspberry PI.
  • Great interactive modes.
  • Concise, code often short without being cryptic.
  • Real language not a toy.
  • Widely used, lots of support books.....
  • Interpreted, but not all the time may be compiled.
  • Seems to play well with other languages.
  • Option for serious Object Orientation, almost everything is an object of a class.
  • No need to adopt the OO methodology for many programs.

Python is not perfect

  • Not the fastest, but usually fast enough, and speed can be enhanced.
  • Not statically typed which may not suit your tastes ( or may be a plus ).

Links to Other Opinions

Links for Learning Python


Ways to Run

  • From text editor, save file, run with an interperter. ( Generally use Idle instead, nicer, almost as lean )
  • IPython, a highy interactive environment ( I have not used )
  • Idle ( as in Eric ) a really really basic, IDE
  • and more....