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Vehicle-related open hardware projects, for both manned and unmanned vehicles.

Open OBDII[edit]

Link to source and schematics Open source hardware and software implementing OBDII tester for cars. Two versions one using a PIC microcontroller and one using an AVR microcontroller.


an open project to build Mowbot, a robot lawnmower.


See multi-rotor.

cycle electronics[edit]

I have created a web site where I am going to post my projects, mostly electronic but also some software. So, to start, if anyone like to enhance tail light on his motorcycle - welcome to

P.S. I don't know if you guys have a some kind of formatting standard here. So, if I posted this incorrectly could someone correct me, please?

Welcome. --DavidCary 14:38, 23 July 2007 (PDT)

small rocket computer[edit]

What kind of electronics are small enough to fit into a small hobby model rocket?

See rocket computer.

RCAP: R/C Auto Pilot: Remote Control Auto Pilot[edit]

"The RCAP2 is a Remote Control AutoPilot] for model airplanes, cars and boats. The autopilot function can be switched off or on during flight with the flick of a switch." Uses PIC16F876A to:

  • read (servo) commands from the RC server
  • read (RS-232) GPS location from a NMEA capable GPS (with programmable goto/waypoints functions)
  • drive (servo) commands to the rudder.

RCAP Documentation at Wikibooks , and RCAP PCB layout at Sourceforge .

bicycle computer[edit]

What sort of electronics are useful mounted to a bicycle? Does it make any sense to mount the display on the bicycle helmet rather than on the handlebars?

  • speed (miles, kilometers, and wheel RPM), trip distance covered, trip time, total distance (odometer), elapsed time and calories burned.
  • pedal rpm == pedals per minute
  • beep every 10 minutes to remind me to get a drink of water
  • torque, force, power, etc.
  • The CycleRecorder Project: "open source hardware and software project started by ... Robert Fitzsimons. The main goal of the project is to develop a modular and portable platform suitable for use with a bicycle, which can be used to record various aspects of a cyclists journey." ... used the open source tools gschem and pcb ... (also links to several similar projects)
  • A data logging tool for the bicycle by Wolfgang Strobl 1998: a PIC processor that interfaces between a reed contact (wheel revolution sensor) and a standard serial interface (to a handheld computer or PDA). mentions connector problems -- have USB connectors solved this problem?
  • BEHEMOTH (Big Electronic Human-Energized Machine... Only Too Heavy).
  • Winnebiko II: primary design objective -- being able to type while riding a bike


The people at OpenROV are working on open source underwater robots for exploration, education, and adventure.

Several people at DIY drones and elsewhere are working on a UUV: unmanned underwater vehicle. See ArduRov and [1] and [2] and [3] and [4].

  • "OpenProp is free software for the design and analysis of marine propellers and horizontal-axis turbines."

robot clubs[edit]

FIXME: should Tulsa robotics clubs go here, or at Tulsa electronics club#Tulsa robotics groups?

Wanky The Safety Cat[edit]

Murilee Martin. "If You Can't Buy It, Build It: Wanky The Safety Cat".[5]

has got a bit of attention:

"Any Thoughts on Wanky the Safety Cat?".[6]

"Jalopnik’s DIY attempt at nine-lives of road safety". [7]

"You've seen Winky/Wanky the safety cat... here's my "Dr Braker - Lazer Ed". [8]

"What Does A High End Camera Company Have To Do With Old Turn Signals?".[9]


(FIXME: clearly separate open-source designs for entire vehicles, including moving parts -- cars, skateboards, quadcopters, etc. -- from vehicle-related projects that have no moving parts in themselves -- miles-per-gallon meters and other measurement and datalogger tools, engine management systems, eye-catching turn signals and wheel-POV displays, etc.)