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Just to say: what do you plan to use the board for?
Just to say: what do you plan to use the board for?
Thanks for your interest!
Thanks for your interest!
-Jerome Marchand
-Jerome Marchand  
This is too cool to stick on a shelf a let it gather dust.
I want to see projects like this "ratchet forward".
I want to allow people to build off last year's work rather than starting all over again from scratch -- so in a few years we can finish amazingly cool projects that are far too complicated for one team to finish in a year.
I think this [[ARMUS Embedded Linux Board]] might be perfect for a CNC machine.
The LinuxCNC software runs on Linux, so it ought to run on this Linux board.
And the DSPics should be able to drive the power transistors that run the motors on the CNC machine, and track the position of the routing head.
And not just a single CNC machine -- a series of open-source CNC machine designs. Designs that anyone can build, improve, and then share those improvements with the next builder.
Yes, please do send me the project files.
These are all "public domain" or "[http://creativecommons.org/ creative commons]" or "open source", with no warranty, right?
Do you think that perhaps http://SourceForge.net/ or [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GNU_Savannah GNU Savannah] might be a more appropriate place to host this software than Opencircuits?
Alas, I am embarrassed to admit that I barely speak 5 words of the lingua franca, the French language.
--[[User:DavidCary|DavidCary]] 19:16, 3 November 2007 (PDT)
== Programmable Chip EEG ==
== Programmable Chip EEG ==

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