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MPPT Solar and Wind Power Boost Charge Controller[edit]

This is an analogue computer with a digital option. It is an elegant, unique idea for MPPT. I have some documentation videos and circuit inside the link. The circuit works but I never used it much because my wind turbine project stalled. I am back: April 2016.

Sun Tracker or Irrigation Timer to drive motors[edit]

This is using two LEDs to sense the sun and send +- or -+ logic signals to a full bridge motor driver. You could also use this circuit to turn on an irrigation motor for a very short time every several hours.

Wireless remote switch, button press: 1 second=ON, 3 seconds=OFF[edit]

My solar power has to be manually switched to city power at sunset in my basement. I made this wireless upstairs button, instead of running a long 120vac wire to an upstairs switch.

Fridge Defrost Timer with Solar Trigger Option[edit]

The project video shows a fridge timer which can be set to trigger during high battery voltage sunny days so the defrost cycle never uses valuable battery power. It is switchable to act like a regular defrost timer for long cloudy stretches of time, like winter.

Solar panel rotator motor power with auto-shut-off[edit]

The project video shows a way to power solar panel rotator motors from a solar panel, supplemented by a walladapter.

Odroid XU4 Weeding Spraying Robot[edit]

The project video shows the completed robot spraying weeds. I proved the prototype works, although it is impracticably slow.

Dandelion Flower Weed Wand[edit]

The [ xxx (no project video yet)] shows the Weed Wand detecting and targeting weeds. Weed Wand is ten times faster and more accurate than manually aiming and pulling a trigger on a pressurized pump sprayer.

Li-ion battery discharge limiter[edit]

I used a car booster battery to pump my car tires and it had no lower limit turn-off and it destroyed the Li-ion battery. I heard the air pump slow and I turned it off too late. This little device will do automatic flow-through and cut-off to protect the battery next time.

Temperature Difference Sensor and Switch for Solar Water Circulation Pump[edit]

This circuit uses two diodes as heat sensors to switch a circulation pump ON when the water on the roof solar water collector is hotter than the hot water storage tank in the house.