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A high school senior by day, hacker, maker, and developer at night.

About Me[edit]

I enjoy tinkering with electronics (mainly with Arduino and ST's ARM microcontrollers), writing software, messing around with Linux, and building things with my hands. I also do a bit of web development/design on the side so that I have money to spend on electronics and stuff.

Social Media[edit]

You can find me on Twitter, where you can see what I do on a daily basis.

My blog is where I post my electronics projects, criticize humanity, and write about other random things.

Feel free to contact me or just say hi at ian [at] (please, no spam).

Open Component Project[edit]

One of my current side projects is the Open Component Project: an attempt to create a shared repository of symbols and footprints all released in the public domain.

I saw Mark Whitis's Open Symbol Project and used it as inspiration. Unfortunately, that project seems stagnant at the moment. Once the Open Component Project is set up, I might join forces with him.

I was originally going to retrofit OpenCircuits' PCB Footprints page to achieve this goal, however I realized that OpenCircuits is more of a place to exchange information how to use components than a place to distribute footprints for them. Thus, a separate wiki was born under the name Open Component Project.