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How to understand and plan what you are doing.

Good equipment to buy when getting started[edit]

Discussion of some of the equipment to buy when getting started with embedded systems.

Programming Languages[edit]

Discussion of the most popular programming languages used in embedded systems.

External References[edit]

These links are for general theory, more specific information is linked to its specific topic on this site ( op amp tutorials may be found in the section components.... op amps. These links may be useful but we have hope to better organize and categorize them in the future. This is Just A Start, help us build up this section.

What Site Comment
  • Electronics
Electronics Tutorial Review it here.
  • Electronics
Primers - Exclusive to Jaycar Electronics From the site: Here you will find extensive primers and valuable application notes on many subjects.
  • Electronics
Welcome to the Play-Hookey Website Digital and analog circuits
  • Electronics
MIT OpenCourseWare EECS Massachusetts Institute of Technology's OCW Electrical Engineering Course Video Lectures (note: You need RealPlayer or RealAlternative to play them)
  • Microcontroller
  • RS232
MC RS232 Comm Some notes on how to implement RS232 communications on a Microcontroller
  • Electronics
Circuit Idea Circuit Idea From Wikibooks, the open-content textbooks collection Revealing the Ideas behind Circuits -- A somewhat different perspective on circuits.
  • Electronics
Practical Electronics From Wikibooks, the open-content textbooks collection Could use some review.
  • Electronics
Lessons In Electric Circuits A free series of textbooks on the subjects of electricity and electronics. Not complete yet, but there is a lot of content here, and the stuff you are interested in may be done, or you may want to help finish it.
  • Electronics
All About Circuits Seems to have much the same content as Lessons In Electric Circuits, perhaps more up to date or not. Attached to an active forum.
  • Electronics(Book)
The Art of Electronics Considered one of the best books on electronics ever written. This is not free, plan to pay about 100 dollars.
  • Electronics(Books)
Engineer's Mini-Notebooks Little notebooks on Timers, Op-Amps, etc with very simple introductory circuits from Forrest Mims. These used to be in Radio Shacks back in the day, are now found in various stores and sites, incl. Amazon.
  • Electronics/Programming(Book)
USB Complete Introduction to USB. Covers both the hardware as well as some of the software issues like drivers and classes.
  • Electronics/Programming
USB 2.0 Specification Free reference documents that cover the hardware and core software of USB
  • Programming
USB Classes Free reference documentation for standard USB device classes.
  • Programming(Book)
The C Programming Language Considered the bible of C from the orignal designers. The book is short and concise, but considered to be very accessible.
  • Electronics
  • Programming
Wikibooks: Embedded Systems A wikibook about microcontrollers, embedded systems, RTOS, etc.
  • Electronics(book)
Concepts in Electric Circuits Free Textbook, review it?
  • Electronics
PyroElectro Tutorials A lot of individual tutorials somewhat microcontroller related.
  • Electronics
EEWeb Community Online Toolbox, Electronics News, Community Project and Blogs
  • Electronics (PCB design)
Quick-teck PCB Technology zone PCB design check list, ensure your design are right at the first time.
  • Electronics
[1] Electronic projects and tutorials. tutorials on AVR GNU C programming and projects including stepper motor drivers, frequency counters, power supplies and a software tools.
  • Electronics
Concise electronics for geeks Prepare to move pretty fast