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Welcome to the Tulsa electronics club wiki pages.

We build amazing things. Often with lots of blinky lights.

"Bench-Top Power Supply" by James Littlejohn for the Tulsa Electronics Club

Should the Tulsa electronics club remain independent, or should it join up with the dorkbot network?

What do we need to do to get Tulsa -- or even Oklahoma -- on this map: http://makezine.com/groups ?

What do we need to do to get Tulsa -- or even Oklahoma -- on this map: http://hackerspaces.org/wiki/List_of_People ?

What do we need to do to get Tulsa -- or even Oklahoma -- on this map: RepRap Users Map

What do we need to do to get Tulsa -- on the National Robotics Week map http://www.nationalroboticsweek.org/events (I see Broken Arrow is already on that map -- Yay!)

Robotics groups

Tulsa robotics groups

FIRST Robotics Challenge is always looking for mentors and volunteers to help with the teams and competitions.

Dr. Jack Sellers is apparently the primary coordinator and promoter of the FIRST activities in Oklahoma.

Lane Matheson is apparently the contact person for FIRST robotics at MHS TEAM (Memorial High School -- The Engineering Academy at Memorial).

Dr. Gerry Kane at TU is apparently the contact person for about robotics-related TU courses, and also about TU teachers and students that help mentor K-12 students in the FIRST Robotics Challenge, and the Razor Hall robotics lab.

Tonya Scott is apparently the Oklahoma contact person for FIRST Tech Challenge (formerly FIRST Vex Challenge).

Teddy Wyatt at Tulsa Tech apparently is also involved in in the FIRST Tech Challenge.

David Cary (918)813-2279 wants to see people build cool and amazing and possibly even useful things. He used to hang out with the Portland PARTs group before moving to Tulsa. In 2012, David is building a RepRap which might be useful for fabbing prototype robot parts, and which apparently itself technically meets some definitions of a "robot".

Is BESTRobotics doing anything in Oklahoma?

other robot groups

(Perhaps this section should move to its own page?) (Perhaps move to open-source robot?)

... and probably many others that I would list here if only I knew about them.

Other groups near Tulsa that build cool things that may include electronics

  • Tulsa Open Source Hardware: the Tulsa Open Source Hardware Wiki; Tulsa Open Source Hardware group. "Meetings will be every 2nd Saturday of the month. They will take place at the Tulsa Fab Lab on 7th and Lewis. If you have a topic you want to bring up at the meeting, let me know. All meetings are from 1pm to 3pm unless otherwise posted."

Whatever happened to the Tulsa group that was building a robot for BattleBots?

local supplier

Should we make a list of local robot parts supplier in or near Tulsa here, analogous to the way the 10BitWorks hackerspace community lists the local San Antonio suppliers?