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what kind of page is this

The first version of this open source electronics page appears to be a cut-and-paste copy of Wikipedia:Open source hardware.

What kind of page is this? I see only 3 options:

  • a. Should we try to keep this page slaved to Wikipedia, periodically overwriting this page with the latest version of the Wikipedia page? Then we should add something like the "This is a copy of the master page at Wikipedia. Do not edit this copy. Edits will be lost in the next update from the master page." message. Or
  • b. Should we allow this page to diverge from Wikipedia, customizing it to how we at Open Circuits define "open source electronics" and what we find most interesting about it? In particular, we could add "original research" sections that wouldn't be allowed on the Wikipedia page.
  • c. Should we delete this redundant copy of a page, and instead link directly to the latest and most up-to-date original page at Wikipedia?

--DavidCary 08:32, 12 July 2007 (PDT)