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The 'architecture diagram' is more like a feature wish list arranged in a star. There's nothing about how the modules actually communicate.

alternate keyboards for mobile phones[edit]

Have a look at the GKOS chorded keyboard (that site migh be a bit of a mess). The GKOS system is completly open and free. The system emulates a PC/Mac keyboard, using six buttons at the back of a device, and is laid up in a way that the most of it can be put on a credit card-size cheat sheet e.g. like this. You can also use common keyboard combinations. If you want to increase the typing speed there's a list of 200 or so shortcuts to common English words.

The learning curve might look a bit steep, but like e.g. the Grafitti on the PalmPilots you can probably learn them quickly (I've learned Grafitti in 15 minutes on an exibition through the training game, Giraffe, and still ten years later remember the basics though I rarely uses my Palm).

/Johan G (Sweden), Sun, 21 Oct, 2007.