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I am a member of South Coast Innovators Labs which has a wiki of its own that seems not to be able to stay up. I am there for moving some of its content here until we can get a stable solution. Then these pages will move.

Was Yahoo List Server Now Google

Now Google... this needs documentation

SCIL Library of Stuff

This library of stuff has an unusual return policy: you can keep the stuff forever.

The stuff in the library is stuff that we have more of than we can ever use. We ask you to sign the stuff out, tell:

  • Who you are.
  • What you are taking.
  • What you will use it for.

Please take stuff that you have short term plans to use, do not just stock up your parts box.

So what do we have? ( note that some is just salvage stuff other is actually useful for it original purpose.

More info: SCIL Library of Stuff

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