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This is an article started by Russ Hensel, see " My Articles" About My Articles for a bit of info. Still polishing up this page.


Purpose: Provide backup the way I like it, no cloud, no compression. Backup is normally to a hard drive ( network, usb ... ) and the directory structure is the same as the directories backup up. For more see Backup Help File. It should run on most operating systems. It does require at least Python 3.6 as it uses f-strings ( print( f"evaluate this{1+1}" )

Program Status: More or less beta, working but not quite ready for release, will document first.. Intended for those with some Python experience who can add the files to their Python development environment ( no install features for this code ). Some dependencies will need to be installed, probably prompted by error messages. Editing of the parameter file should be easier for those with Python experience. Users should find some useful documentation in the code, this is still a work in progress. Much code has been lifted from other projects of mine, some artifacts remain.

This Page Status: This page is the "master" page for the project, all other pages link back here, either directly or indirectly. Pages are early drafts, if you would like to try the program email me.

Help File: Including install and configuration. Backup Help File

More Documentation: See links below, and code not at: ( russ-hensel/Backup Program Repository )

Graphical User Interface[edit]

Like to see what the interface, the gui, looks like see: 'Backup GUI Images

Help "file" for the Program[edit]

Not a file but a page on this Wiki, this includes information on Download and Install, see: Backup Help File Note that the wiki pages as pdf files may be found in .\wiki_etc, but these sometimes lag the online versions.

Python Code[edit]

Available at:

Not here, but comming *russ-hensel/smart_plug: Program Source

  • Directory Structure
    • .\ all executable python code

Program Design[edit]

See: Backup Technical


In this Wiki[edit]