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Open Mobile Gadgets

An open source, open hardware mobile phone in its preliminary development.

=== TRAXMOD === Open source MOD music player for dsPIC/ARM microcontrollers.

PG31 GPS RS232 Dev Board

A simple RS232 example project that takes 3.3V TTL serial and outputs to a super-common RS232 connection. Insto-NMEA!

PG31 GPS USB Dev Board

A great example project using the CP2102 USB to TTL UART IC as well as some basic battery holder info.

Chalk Roach

Ultra simple microcontroller development board for Atmel Atemga32 = 16MHz, 2KB SRAM, 16KB Flash

24" Wall Clock

A really big wall clock. Why? Well, cause it might look cool? Probably not. But we do use GPS to get the time! Groovy.

Cellular Rotary Phone

An indepth breakdown of the Port-O-Rotary. Some clues to help you avoid audio problems with the GM862.