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1. Where do I get an OpenSource Program for electronic draughts software. I have heard of Eagle and Protel and have used for vero boards ther German program Lochmaster but I would like to have a router. If someone could develop such a draughts software as an open source project that would be fine. 2. I would like to develop a 32 bit I/O for Industrial PLC's. I invented a system for 16 bit on one single sided vero board. But now I want to develop a double sided PCB. Who wants to join such a project. I have some background from my university studies. Kind regards the eternal student

How can I help with your PLC project?
I hear that KiCAD and gEDA are the most popular open source electronic drafting software.
Both of them already have an autorouter.
Links to these tools and many others are on the software tool page.
Please help us improve our stripboard tips page.
--DavidCary 23:13, 14 November 2010 (UTC)