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PIC List Tips[edit]

Label Chip Pins[edit]

Shows how to make lables for chips. I print them on paper, cut ehem out, and use rubber cement to glue to the chip. Rubber cement is nice because it is easy to peel the label off, and easy to put it on. I have made some additional ones available for download here ( comming soon, or email russ_hensel ).

Some notes.

Chips: 16F877, 16F877, 18F2550, 18F4455, generic 8 pin chip, generic 16 pin chip, anything else I might have come up with.

On the microcontrollers I have labled the master clear with the chip number, this is pin 1. Microcontrollers often have many functions per pin, there is not enought room for several functions to be labled, so I generally uset the io port diesignation. I also sometimes shade all the pins that belong to one port. You may want to customize the lables ( for example to analog inputs ) before printing.

I used open office for the lables and include both a open office format file and a pdf.