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Please note: You could experience that your ADF version dosn't work even if it's listed as works - if this happens please try another ADF version of the game or program.

080408 in the System column refers to Yaqube's write enabled core and PIC update developed on August 4th and released on September 4th running on a v1.1 board with 1024kb Chip / 512kb Fast RAM.

090421 in the System column refers to Yaqube's new FPGA and PIC release supporting selectable 7.09/28.26MHz cpu frequency and additional 2x1MB of s-ram. System provide selectable 0.5-2.0MB of chipmem and NONE-1.5MB of slowmem. Provide df0: and df1: support. Also a normal/fast blitter option is present.

100818 in the System column refers to Yaqube's new FPGA and ARM release many bugs is fixed and new feature add to OSD and more function is add to the chipset to increase compatibility and system handling. DF0 to DF3 is selectable, also HDF (HardDiskFile) support has been add as selectable Master and Slave using A600-GAYLE like IDE controller.

THIS LIST IS NOT UP TO DATE! Many BUGS and FAIL title now works by now! As soon as I find some time to check them again, the list will be updated. Regards boing4000

Application System Works Info..
Kickstart 0.7, 0.9, 1.0, 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 2.0, 2.04, 2.05, 3.0, 3.1 Works src: RedskullDC
Workbench v1.3 v0.9 Works src: Dennis
Workbench v3.1 + KS3.1 Works src: Willem Nijhuis AKA Wizard66
SysInfo v3.24 v0.9 Works src: screenshot
10 out of 10 Essential Maths FAIL straycat: Can't control mouse
1943 Works Amazing, Darrin
1943 BUGS straycat: some graphics corruption
23C Crew - Inside Anarchy BUGS Onno: A couple of blitter bugs
688 Subattack FAIL Amazing
Aaargh! FAIL Amazing
Aaargh! 080408 Works boing4000
Aaargh! 080408 BUGS phx: starts with end-fight against ogre
Abyss - Drugstore BUGS strim: minor gfx bugs
Addams Family FAIL Darrin: Theme music plays, locks up with a black screen. Drive light keeps flashing
Addams Family 080408 Works Darrin.
Adict - Mayday Resistance Works Onno: Works perfectly
Advantage Tennis Works TheDaddy: list
Agony FAIL TheDaddy: list
Agony 080408 Works boing4000: 100% - Amazing!
Airport Works TheDaddy: list
Alcatraz - Anti Fascist Works Onno: Works perfectly
Alcatraz - I've got the Power BUGS Onno: Works, some 'scratches' in music
Alcatraz - Mega Demo II Works Onno: A couple of blitter bugs, one part completely unreadable
Alcatraz - Memorial Songs 1 Works Onno: Works perfectly
Alcatraz - Memorial Songs 2 Works Onno: Fails. Guru: 8000.0004
Alcatraz - More than Music Works Onno: Works perfectly
Alcatraz - Museum Works Onno: Works perfectly
Alcatraz - Music Disk 1 Works Onno: Intro is unreadable, everything else works
Alcatraz - Odyssey Works Onno: Few minor blitter bugs show up
Afred Chicken 080408 Fail Ulysses31: Music plays, but screen reports "out of range" with PAL & NTSC cores
Afred Chicken 080408 Works boing4000: 100% accurate (Kick1.3 PAL/NTSC Core) - Game switch to PAL by force (256 line game)
Alien Breed BUGS Darrin: Main player sprite is invisible.
Alien Breed 080408 Works Darrin.
Alien Breed Special Edition FAIL TheDaddy: list
Alien Breed Special Edition FAIL Darrin: Locks up with a black screen after advert for Super Frog.
Alien Breed Special Edition 080408 Works Darrin.
Alien Breed Tower Assault FAIL TheDaddy: [
Alien Breed Tower Assault FAIL Darrin: Guru Meditation 00000000.80006130
Alien Breed Tower Assault 080408 Works Darrin. Used disk #2 to format and create the HD Install disk, but obviously can test it yet.
Alien Syndrome Works Amazing, Darrin
Amegas Works Amazing
Amiga Basic Works straycat
Amiga Explorer Works straycat
Amiga Karate Works Amazing
Amiganoid Works Amazing
Analog - 86 Musics Works Onno: Doesn't work
Analog - Falling Up Works Onno: Blitter bugs and then crashes, Guru 8000.0004
Analog - First Blood Works Onno: Unreadable text and nothing much seems to happen
Analog - One Day In The Solar System 2 Works Onno: Doesn't work
Analogy - Dyspepsia Works Onno: If you press the mouse button at the Dyspepsia logo screen, the music starts playing but nothing else happens, although the diskdrive led keeps flashing.
Anarchy - 3D Demo Works Onno: Some minor blitter bugs
Anarchy - 3D Demo II (V2.01) FAIL Onno: Doesn't start
Anarchy - 3D Demo II Intro FAIL? Onno: ..
Anarchy - Captured Imagination Works Onno: Works perfectly
Anarchy - Crass FAIL Onno: Doesn't work, Guru: 8000.0003
Anarchy - Deja Vu BUGS Onno: Few minor blitter bugs show up and I heard the music skip a couple of times
Anarchy - Digital Innovation BUGS Onno: A couple of blitter bugs show up
Anarchy - Flower Power BUGS Onno: Blitter bugs
Anarchy - In The Kitchen FAIL Onno: Doesn't start
Anarchy - Krest Mass Leftovers Works Onno: Works perfectly
Anarchy - Legalize It Works Onno: Works perfectly
Anarchy - Legalize It 2 Works Onno: Works perfectly
Anarchy - Seeing is Believing Works Onno: Works perfectly
Anarchy - Spring Melodies Works Onno: Works perfectly
Anarchy - System Violation BUGS Onno: Works perfectly, stops abruptly
Andromeda - DOS Demo BUGS Onno: Few minor blitter bugs show up
Andromeda - Decaying Paradise BUGS Onno: Few minor blitter bugs show up
Andromeda - Mirror Works Onno: Works perfectly
Andromeda - Multica BUGS Onno: Some minor blitter bugs
Andromeda - Point Blank Works Onno: Works perfectly
Andromeda - Sequential FAIL Onno: Doesn't start
Andromeda - Seven Seas FAIL strim: Does not start
Another World Works TheDaddy: list
Anthrox - Inner Madness BUGS Onno: Crashes in end part. Guru: 8000.0004
A.P.B 080408 Works Ulysses31
Apidya FAIL Amazing
Apidya 080408 Works boing4000: 100% accurate. PAL only! Switch to NTSC by AR3 will freeze game
Anubis - Remix Animation BUGS Onno: Some blitter bugs, ends abruptly
Arabian Nights 080408 FAIL phx: Disk change not recognized
Arcadia Team - Mega Demo BUGS? Onno: Seems to work? Is there really only a logo-screen and a scroller-part in this MEGA-demo?
Arise - Drinks 40K Tracktro FAIL Onno: Doesn't start
Arkanoid Works Andeda: Works great
Arkanoid-Revenge of Doh Works Amazing
ArmourGeddon Works src:Willem Nijhuis AKA Wizard66
Aurora - Fragile Intensity BUGS Onno: Fails halfway through with Guru: 8000.0003
Aurora - Lost In Denmark Works Onno: Works perfectly, very smooth!
Austex - Genesis Collection BUGS Onno: Few Blitter bugs
Awesome 080408 Works phx
A-train Works bitman_dk
B.A.T Works bitman_dk
Badlands 080408 Works phx
Balance of Power BUGS straycat: cannot write to DF0
Barbarian (Palace) Works Darrin
Barbarian (Psynosis) FAIL Darrin: Locks up with a blank screen after crack intro
Barbarian (Psynosis) 080408 Works Darrin. Need to use an ADF version in limited circulation.
Barbarian 2 (Palace) Works Darrin
Barbarian 2 (Psynosis) FAIL Darrin: Locks up with a black screen
Barbarian 2 (Psynosis) 080408 Works Darrin.
Bard's Tale, The BUGS straycat: Requests write access to DF0
Bard's Tale, The 080408 Works Darrin. Can now save/delete games/characters.
Bard's Tale 3, The 080408 Works Darrin. Can now save/delete games/characters to Disk #2.
Basejumpers Works Amazing
Battlechess Works Darrin
Battle Command Works phx
Battle Isle Works phx
Battleships Works Darrin
Battlesquadron Works Amazing
Batman the Caped Crusader 080408 Works Dwyloc
Batman the Movie 080408 FAILS Dwyloc: tested with one disk version and fails to load
B.C. Kid Works TheDaddy: screenshoot
Better Dead Than Alien Works Darrin
Blood Money Works src:
Bombjack Works Amazing
Brian the Lion 080408 Works phx
Bubba 'n' Stix FAIL TheDaddy: list
Bubble bobble Works src
Budbrain 1 MEGADEMO (KAOS section) Works src: Whiteb
Budbrain 2 MEGADEMO (AFRICA) Works src: Whiteb
Bumb´n´Burn 090421 Works boing4000: All working fine
California Games 1 works bitman_dk
Cannon Fodder BUGS?? whiteb: Loads fine, but after a few minutes of action, mouse becomes uncontrollable dashing a round the screen. (Possibly a faulty mouse).
Cannon Fodder BUGS Darrin: Works. When screen flickers black/blue between phases insert disk #1, wait for flickering to stop and reinsert previous disk.
Cannon Fodder 2 080408 Works Darrin: Formats a save game disk from within the program.
Cannon Fodder Xmas Edition BUGS Darrin: Works the first time, but crashes when you try to play again. Also, graphics corruption on the barracks when destroyed.
Capone FAIL Amazing:Game runs but dont have any controls
Captain Blood BUGS straycat: Blitter issues with mouse pointer but seems to play ok
Captain Blood 091224 Works boing4000: since mentioned release
Carrier Command 080408 Bugs Darrin. The game plays perfectly, but you cannot save your game as it uses it's own code to write to floppy.
Castle Master 080408 Works phx
Centurion 080408 Works phx
Chambers of Shaolin Works phx
Chaos Engine 1&2 FAIL TheDaddy: list
Chaos Engine 080408 Works Darrin.
Chuck Rock FAIL bitman_dk: Loads gets to game screen before it crashes
Chuck Rock 080408 Bugs boing4000: game works but freeze at any key input. enter AR3 and exit may often help to reactivate gameplay
Civilization Works src: wizard66
Colonization Works src: wizard66
Colonization 080408 Works Darrin: Constant disk swapping makes it a pain, but now saves & loads games. Create a floppy called "COLONIZATIONSAVES" using Workbench/WinUAE before you start playing.
Cool Croc Twins Works Amazing Kitty 20:19, 8 November 2009 (UTC)
Crazy Cars III Works TheDaddy: list
Creatures Works bitman_dk
Cyberpunks Works straycat
Damage: The Sadistic Butchering Of Humanity v1.1 BUGS Kitsunexus:Crashes after you leave the Professor's house, tested with 1.31 kick ROM
Defender Of The Crown Works TheDaddy: list
Deliverance Works TheDaddy: screenshoot
Deliverance Works TheDaddy: list
Deluxe Galaga Works src: Willem Nijhuis AKA Wizard66
Deluxe Pacman Works straycat (Kick 3.1 - fails under Kick 1.3)
Deluxe Paint 3 Works straycat: Save to Ram disk possible
Desert Strike FAIL Darrin: Reports a "fatal disk error" when attempting to load
Desert Strike 080408 Works Darrin.
Detroit ECS 080408 Works Darrin. Can load/save games to Disk #1. Lots of swapping.
Disc 080408 Works phx
Disposable Hero 080408 Works Darrin.
Dragons Breath Works src: Whiteb
Driller Works straycat
Druid Works Darrin
Dune Works strim
Dune II - Battle For Arrakis 080408 Works Darrin. Formats a blank ADF to save games. Lots and lots of disk swapping.
Dungeon Master Works Darrin
Dynablaster Works straycat
Dynablaster Works Amazing Kitty 21:41, 14 November 2009 (UTC)
Elf FAIL phx
Elf 080408 Works phx
Elfmania 080408 Works phx
Eliminator Works straycat
Elite 080408 Works straycat. Darrin: You can now format a disk from within the game and use it to load/save.
Elite 2 - Frontier 080408 Works Darrin. Can now save games to main play disk.
Emerald Mine Works Amazing
E-Motion Works straycat
Exile Works straycat
F16 Works TheDaddy: list
Faery Tale Adventure Works Darrin: Works up to the password protection screen, but I can't remember where I left the book!
Fantasy World Dizzy FAIL straycat: reboots during loading sequence (Kick 3.1)
Fantastic Dizzy 080408 Works Chain
Federation of Free Traders (FOFT) 080408 Bugs Darrin: Game works, but cannot save games due to software using it's own floppy controller code.
Final Fight Works TheDaddy: list
Fire and Ice BUGS TheDaddy: Missing main sprite
Fire and Ice 080408 Bugs boing4000: Player sprite is now visible, no more bugs in game. The water animation below only shows a few pixel lines
Firepower Works src: whiteb Both in single joy mode, and split screen 2 player. Serial link mode NOT tested.
First Samurai 080408 Works phx
Flashback Works TheDaddy: list
Flashback (delphine software) Works TheDaddy: screenshoot
Flight of the Intruder 080408 FAIL phx: Diskchange fails. When inserting disk 2 games switches to WB and requests disk 1 again and freezes.
Flimbo's Quest Works Some minor gfx corruptions on left of screen possibly to do with parallax scrolling. screenshot Kitty 19:51, 8 November 2009 (UTC)
Flood Works Amazing Kitty 19:50, 8 November 2009 (UTC)
Flying Shark 080408 BUGS phx: some sound and gfx corruptions
Football Manager Works straycat
Fright Night Works Amazing Kitty 19:50, 8 November 2009 (UTC)
Frontier Elite Works src: Willem Nijhuis AKA Wizard66
Full Contact 080408 Works phx
Fun School FAIL Straycat: Can't control mouse
Fusion 080408 FAIL phx: loads forever
Galactic warrior rats 080408 Works Chain
Garfield Big Fat Hairy Deal Works Andeda
Garrison Works Darrin
Garrison 2 Works Darrin
Gauntlet 2 Works Darrin
Gauntlet 3 Works Darrin
Ghost Battle Works Chain
Goal FAIL phx: Diskchange not recognized
Gods FAIL TheDaddy: list
Gods 080408 Works phx
Gravity Force 080408 FAIL phx: Ship explodes immediately.
Great Courts Tennis FAIL phx
Great Courts Tennis 2 080408 Works phx
Great Giana Sisters Works Screenshoot from Illuwatar
GridStart III Works Amazing
Hard'n'Heavy Works phx
Hawkeye Works phx
Holy Grail, The Works straycat
Honda RVF 750 080408 Works phx
Hollywood Poker Pro 090421 FAIL boing4000: Freez after bootblock. crash with slowmem active (guru). also did'nt work at prev. releases
Lin Wu`s Challenge 090421 Bugs boing4000: Game starts, but choosing a tile the second one chooses automatically (possible sprite collision issue)
Hostages 080408 BUGS Darrin: Loads, but soldiers get shot & killed as soon as they break cover (could be sprite collision error)
Hotrubber Works Amazing
Hybris Works TheDaddy: list
Hybris Works Amazing Kitty 19:55, 8 November 2009 (UTC)
IK+ Works Andeda: Works great
Ikari Warriors Works src
Impossible Mission II FAIL TheDaddy: list
Impossible Mission II Works Amazing:Works great no problems at all
Impossamole Works Amazing Kitty 21:49, 14 November 2009 (UTC)
International Karate+ Works TheDaddy: list
Into the Eagles Nest Works Darrin
Iridon 080408 BUGS phx: Collides with some objects it shouldn't collide with (e.g. yellow gfx in first level).
It Came From The Desert Works TheDaddy: list
It Came From The Desert 080408 Works Darrin. You need an Amiga DOS save game disk called "DSAVE"
It Came From The Desert 2 BUGS Darrin: Works, but hangs with a black screen after intro. Press joystick firebutton on port 2 to get "insert disk" prompt
Jaguar XJ220 080408 Works phx
James Pond 1&2 Works TheDaddy: screenshoot
James Pond Aquatic Games 080408 Works Ulysses31
Jim Power in Mutant Planet 080408 BUGS Mahen: works perfectly, except for shoot them up levels (parallax scrollings are not displayed properly)
Jimmy Whites whirlwind snooker Works TheDaddy: screenshoot
Jumpmachine Works Amazing
Jumpman Works Amazing
Jumpman junior Works Amazing
Kaiser (Linel) 080408 Works phx
Karatekid II Works Amazing
Katakis Works TheDaddy: list
Karting Grandprix Works Amazing
Kennedy Approach Works phx
Kick Off 1&2 Works TheDaddy: list
Kikugi Works Amazing
Kill the little dudes Works Amazing
Kingdoms of England 2, Vikings 080408 Works phx
Knights of the Sky Works straycat
Knightwoode Works straycat
Ladybug FAIL Amazing
LCD Dreams FAIL Amazing:no controlls
Lemmings v0.9 Works src: Dennis, screenshot)
Lemmings 2 FAIL Darrin: Locks up after crack screen and performs a software failure.
Lemmings 2 080408 Works Darrin.
Lionheart FAIL Amazing
Lionheart 080408 Works boing4000: no problems
Little Computer People Works Darrin: Long pause after entering setup details to program running
Llamatron FAIL Amazing:game runs but fire keeps firing?
Lords of the Rising Sun Works Darrin: Lots of disk swapping!
Lotus Espirit Turbo Challenge Works Darrin
Lotus Turbo Challenge 2 Works straycat
Lotus Turbo Challenge 2 BUGS No ingame voices; Marks, Set, Go, Check Point. Some minor music glitches & slowdown with Kick 1.3 Ingame voices work if you use Kick 3.1, Still some slowdown in places with Kick 3.1 Kitty 19:50, 8 November 2009 (UTC)
Lotus 3 080408 Works Darrin.
Lotus 3 BUGS Works but I noticed that if you leave game running from load without playing, eventually it crashes into true classic amiga guru meditation error. Kitty 19:53, 8 November 2009 (UTC)
Mad Elks - Technological Death Works strim
Magic Boy Works Amazing Kitty 19:50, 8 November 2009 (UTC)
Magic Pockets FAIL Amazing:sound start but then nothing
Magic Pockets 080408 Works Chain
Major Motion Works Amazing
Marble Madness Works straycat (works with Kick 1.3, but not Kick 3.1)
Megaball Works TheDaddy: list
Menace 080408 Bugs Darrin: Main sprite detection error causes shields to constantly run down as if the ship is being hit by the enemy.
Miami Chase 080408 Bugs Dwyloc: Graphics corruption before Cop screen is displayed, but dose not effect gameplay
Micromachines Works Amazing
Microprose Golf 080408 Works Darrin: Saves to game disks.
Mighty BombJack Works Amazing Kitty 22:30, 14 November 2009 (UTC)
Millenium 2.2 080408 Works Darrin: Formats a save disk in game and saves/loads to that.
Moonstone Works straycat
Monkey Island Works src
Mr.Dig Works Amazing
Mr.Do Run Run! Works Amazing
Mr. Nutz Works Chain
Mysterious worlds Works Amazing
Myth Works TheDaddy: list
Navy Seals Works Amazing
Nebulus Works straycat
Netherworld Works Amazing
Neverending Story II FAIL Amazing:Wont start
New Year Lemmings Works bitman_dk
New Zealand Story FAIL straycat: choppy graphics and possible timing problems
New Zealand Story 080408 Works Dwyloc
Nitro Works Darrin
North and South Works straycat
Nuclear War Works

src: Willem Nijhuis AKA Wizard66

Obliterator FAIL src: Illuwatar
OctaMED v4 Works straycat: tested as far as loading program and saving music file to ram disk
Oh no! More Lemmings Works Darrin
Omegarace Works Amazing
Operation Lemming FAIL straycat: mouse uncontrollable
Outrun FAIL src: Illuwatar
Overdrive FAIL TheDaddy: list
Outrun Works Amazing
Outrun Europe Works Amazing
Pacboy FAIL Amazing
Pacific Islands 080408 Works phx
PacLand Works Darrin
Pacmania FAIL Amazing:starts up then gets fuzzy screen
Pacmania BUGS Darrin: Main sprites display OK, but backgrounds are totally corrupted
Pacmania 080408 Works Darrin.
Pacmania Works Amazing Kitty 22:09, 14 November 2009 (UTC)
Pacman 87 Works Amazing
Pang! Works TheDaddy: screenshoot
Paperboy Works Andeda
Paperboy 2 Works Amazing
Persian Gulf Inferno Works Darrin
PGA Tour Golf 080408 Works phx
Phalax FAIL Amazing
Phantasie 3 080408 Works Darrin. Now saves games/characters/maps.
Pinball Dreams Works src: Willem Nijhuis AKA Wizard66
Pinball Fantasies Bugs Rare Hangs, Hang at Mega-Laugh and Happy-Hour src: Willem Nijhuis AKA Wizard66, TheDaddy: screenshoot Requires memory set to 512k/512k for proper operation with Jakub's revised 8/4/08 firmware.
Pipeline Works Amazing
Pirates 080408 Works Andeda: Works great. Darrin: Can save/load with new core.
Platoon Works Amazing Kitty 22:30, 14 November 2009 (UTC)
popey Works Amazing
populous 080408 Works Darrin. There is at least 1 buggy ADF that doesn't work in circulation.
populous 2 080408 Works Darrin. Saves to Disk #2.
Ports of Call v1.1 080408 Works Amazing. Darrin can now save/load with new core.
P.O.W Works Amazing::Little glitches on the left side but works
Powerdrift Works Blitter:Fast, Agnus:PAL, CHIP:0.5MB, SLOW:0.5MB, Only uses DF0 even though 2 disk game, Works only on these settings. Kitty 22:39, 14 November 2009 (UTC)
Powermonger WW1 080408 Works phx
Powerstyx Works Amazing
P.P.Hammer Works straycat
P.P.Hammer BUGS phx: Scrolling flickers
P.P.Hammer 080408 Works phx
Prince of Persia FAIL straycat: Causes a reset during load sequence (Kick 3.1)
Prince of Persia 080408 Works phx
Pro Tennis Tour 2 080408 Works straycat
ProTracker Works src, "started, but there was no MOD-files at the disk image..."
Project X 080408 Works Chain
Puggs In Space by Dionysus Works Amazing Kitty 20:10, 8 November 2009 (UTC)
Puzznic 080408 Works phx
R-Type 080408 Works Darrin.
Curse of RA, The 080408 Works phx
Rage - Alchemy Works Onno: Works perfectly
Rambo III Works Andeda
Rainbow Islands Works straycat
Rebels Coma (demo) Works src:Willem Nijhuis AKA Wizard66
Red Sector MEGADEMO (Disks 1+2) Works src: whiteb
Red Storm Rising 080408 Works Darrin. Can now save/load games.
Rick Dangerous Works straycat
Rick Dangerous 2 080408 Works phx
Rings of Medusa 080408 Works phx
Robocop Works ED-209 dosnt show up at end of level 1 if you keep the first weapon all the way though! Kitty 19:50, 8 November 2009 (UTC)
Rocket Ranger Works Darrin
Rock'n Roll 080408 Works phx
Rodland BUGS Darrin: Right pannel containing the scores and collected letters is missing.
Rodland 080408 Works Darrin. Now running perfect in PAL.
Rogue 080408 Works phx
RVF Bugs Works almost perfectly, 3rd gear dosnt show ingame, apart from that Amazing Kitty 22:09, 14 November 2009 (UTC)
Sarcophaser FAIL phx
Scorpio 080408 Works phx
Scrollin Walls Works Amazing
SDI Works Amazing
Seahaven 200 Works Amazing
Sensible Moon of Soccer FAIL straycat: Fails to boot
Sensible Soccer v1.0 Works straycat: Works perfectly (updated after testing on CRT monitor)
Sensible Soccer v1.1 FAIL straycat: Blank screen after entering 2nd disk on loading
Sensible World of Soccer 95/96 FAIL straycat: Fails to boot
Sensible World of Soccer 95/96 080408 Works Darrin. Format a save disk from within the game.
Settlers BUGS Darrin: Intro is perfect however the game controlanel graphics are corrupted making it unplayable.
Settlers 080408 Works Darrin.
Shadow Dancer 080408 Works Darrin. Minor graphics corruption during intro, vanishes during game play.
Shadow of the Beast FAIL straycat: During booting disk LED remains on and stops loading after 2nd disk inserted (Kick 3.1)
Shadow of the Beast 080408 Works Chain
Shadow of the Beast II 080408 Works Septik
Shadow of the Beast III 080408 BUGS Chain: missing copper backgrounds
Shadow of the Beast III 080408 Works Septik
Shanghai 080408 Works phx
Shufflepuck Cafe' Works Amazing
Sidewinder II Works Amazing
Siege of the Beast Works Amazing
Silent Service Works Amazing
Silent Service II Works Amazing
Silkworm Works bitman_dk: Few vertical lines on some levels
Sim City 080408 Works phx
Simulcra 080408 Works phx
Space Crusade 080408 Works phx
Starbirds 080408 Works phx
Star Control 080408 Works phx
Starglider 080408 Works phx
Strip poker 3 051209 Works Andeda
Subtrade 080408 Works phx
SWIV Works bitman_dk
Sinbad & The Throne of the Falcon Works Darrin: Lots of disk swapping
Sim Ant 080408 Works Darrin: Saves/Loads from game disk. Cannot use Hi-res version due to RAM.
Sim City Works straycat: Save to Ram disk possible
Smash TV Works straycat
Sonic drum kit Works src: Willem Nijhuis AKA Wizard66
Space Harrier 2 Works straycat
Speedball Works src:
Speedball 2 FAIL straycat: reboots after intro sequence (Kick 3.1)
Speedball 2 BUGS Darrin: Some minor sound and graphics corruption (Kick 1.3/60KHz modded core set to PAL)
Speedball 2 080408 Works Darrin: Need to press mouse button on crack intro screen to toggle PAL/NTSC desplay. One works, one doesn't.
Spellbound Works Amazing
Spindizzy Worlds 080408 Works phx
Spy vs Spy Works straycat
Star Fleet 1 - The War Begins 080408 Works Darrin: Boots to WB1.2, and needs to write to disk. Make sure your ADF is not write protected.
Star Wars Works straycat
Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back Works straycat
Stardust FAIL Amazing
Stone Age 080408 Works Chain
Stormlord Works straycat
Street rod Fail Andeda: System crash after disk swap
Strider Works straycat
Stunt Car Racer Works straycat
Summergames FAIL Amazing
Supercars 080408 Works Chain
Superfrog BUGS TheDaddy: Main sprite is corrupted
Superfrog 080408 Works Yaqube (stated on Confirmed, Chain.
Super Hang On Works phx
Super Twintris 080408 Works Chain
Supremacy Works Darrin
Switchblade Works straycat
Syndicate Fail Darrin: Locks up after crack screen
Syndicate 080408 Works Darrin: Had problems saving to a "slot" that had been saved to by WinUAE. All other slots worked fine.
T2 - The Archade Game (Terminator 2) Works Darrin
Team Yankee Works Darrin
Tech Works phx
Test Drive Works straycat
Tetris Pro Works straycat
Thundercats Works src:
Toki Works straycat
Top of the League Works straycat
Traders 080408 Works phx
Treasure Island Dizzy Works straycat
Troddlers BUGS Darrin: Main player sprite is invisible.
Troddlers 080408 Works Darrin.
Turrican Works Screenshoot from src: Illuwatar
Turrican FAIL straycat: Loads to title screen and fails after pressing fire about to begin (Kick 1.3 AND 3.1)
Turrican 2 Works phx
Twintris BUGS Darrin: Corrupted extra graphics over play screen
Twintris 080408 Works Darrin.
Twin World 080408 BUGS phx: Corrupted status display. Gameplay ok.
UFO - Enemy Unknown ECS 080408 Works Darrin: Needs to write to disk #3 during game. Games save & load ok.
Unreal 080408 FAIL phx: Corrupt gfx after title and "please wait", loads forever
Uridium 2 Works bitman_dk
Volfied Works Amazing
Virus 080408 Works phx
Walker FAIL Darrin: Locks up with a red screen after crack intro
Walker 080408 Works Darrin.
Wicked 080408 Works Ulysses31
Wing Commander 080408 Works Darrin. Games save and load OK.
Wings Works Darrin
Wings of Fury 080408 Works phx
Winter Games 080408 BUGS phx: Top line of text screen corrupted.
Wizball Works src:
Wolfchild FAIL straycat: crashed on the intro sequence (Kick 3.1)
Wolfchild 080408 Works phx
Wolfpack Works phx
X-Out FAIL Darrin: Locks up after the trainer screen with a black display.
X-Out 080408 Works Darrin.
Xennon Works bitman_dk
Xennon 2 - Megablast Works Darrin
Zaxxon Works Darrin
Zeewolf 2 Works Darrin
Z-Out 080408 Works boing4000
Zombie Works Darrin
Zoom Works Amazing

(All assumed to be tested on the opensource Minimig v1.1 OCS PAL system Kickstart v1.3, unless otherwise specified)

Works The software works flawlessly.
BUGS Cosmetic or annoying errors.
FAIL Won't even start. Or fail very prematurely.

maffoo 070810:

Kickstart 3.1 would work, as long as you had the kickstart image. I doubt OS3.9 would work though, doesn't it need at least an 020?


WHDLoad is designed to emulate the older Amiga hardware in a system-legal way, allowing older games to run on newer hardware. When a game runs under WHDLoad, it takes over the entire operating system, but quitting the game restores the system back into its normal working state.

Minimig v1.1 firmware requires that the kickstart file 'KICK.ROM to be 256 or 512 kByte exactly (262144/524288 bytes).

Kickstart versions (important changes):

Version Comment
1.0 Initial
1.1 Bug fixes
1.2 ROM kickstart, AutoConfig
1.3 Harddisc boot, FFS?
2.x BCPL -> C
3.x Datatypes
3.5 ISO-FS, IP-stack, Harddisc >4GB

Wikipedia: AmigaOS versions

wizard66 071021:

"Yes you can load kickstart v3.1 on the minimig fine. I have tested all versions"