Minimig Ethernet

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Advantages of Minimig with ethernet:

  • Eliminating the need for swapping flashmemories
  • Faster access time
  • Allows direct connection to software archives etc..
  • Faster development cycle (edit - test - crash ..)
  • Handle decompression of disc images on a server

Relatively simple. Needs only an ethernet PHY in essence. Thoe only 4 user i/o is free = problem.

Network boot idea:

Simulate harddisc, then mount nfs..

A cheapskate version is to use one pin per direction without protective magnetics for 10Base-T networking. 10Base-T use easy manchester encoding.

An I/O expansion could otherwise be done with an external fpga no#2 that communicates with the first one via a highspeed bus (~750 Mbps per lane or similar).

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