Minimig Board v1.0 signaling

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MCU: _F_CSx = FPGA spix select
Signal MCU Pin MCU Name FPGA pin FPGA name Description
/FPGA_SEL0 3 RA1 93 IO EnableFpga() _F_CS0=0
/FPGA_SEL1 26 RB5 86 IO_L30P_4/D3 EnableOsd() _F_CS1=0
/FPGA_SEL2 27 RB6 87 IO_L30N_4/D2

FPGA <-> MCU interface consist of:

Signal MCU dir SD/MMC dir FPGA dir Description
SPI_CLK Out In In Clock
SPI_DIN Out In In Data
SPI_DOUT In Out Out Data