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This is a page about the LeafLabs STM32 boards, such as the Maple - an open source hardware and software ARM Cortex M3 single board computer with Arduino-compatible expansion connectors and form factor.

Maple revision 5 board
Maple revision 5 board


How to guides

  • Maple JTAG How To Maple JTAG How To - how to use Maple's JTAG adapter for debugging; how to build a Maple JTAG adapter; re-flashing the board; and more (at the LeafLabs wiki).

Further reading

  • The Maple is a microcontroller board with Arduino-compatible pinout; for other microcontroller boards with Arduino-compatible pinouts (and shields that plug into the Maple and those other Arduino-compatible microcontroller boards) see Arduino Links.
  • The Maple includes an ARM processor; for more information, see ARM links.