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Aloha from Honolulu, I have an article I'd like to contribute under Voltage Regulators. It follows the template from the Help page and describes the LM723 Precision Voltage Regulator by several manufacturers. I want to know what format it should be presented in. Should it be a .pdf file or HTML, or what? I haven't included any pictures yet. I also have some circuits that I've built with the 723. They are based on the various examples in the data sheets and I have schematics and PC Board artwork for them. I've been using these for several years and they have performed flawlessly. Please let me know what to do next, the first article on the basic chip is ready (I think). Aloha, RAF

Why only graphic file?

Hello, Hai mister, I like very much of what you working sharing PCB foot print it is very nice ^^ then i try to add 1 component to the SFE custom footprint, and i like to share it. so i try to upload my footprint.

but its get error warning " only graphic file allowed"


too bad...

may i make my file name become : "abc.pcblib.gif" ? ^^ thx GBU? please answerme at my email

It has been suggested in the past that the range of files be opened up. This requires an appropriate implementation to prevent abuse. Probably something that will be implemented in time, but also probably won't happen immediately. If you have a space on a web server somewhere, I would suggest linking to the files from there as an alternative. --Chazegh 00:44, 2 April 2008 (PDT)