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In the Beginning[edit]

What the heck is this place?
So Cina, Nate, and a guy named Aubry were all working on similar cellular projects using the GM862 Cellular Module but each project was different enough that we could not collaborate directly. However, we noticed that there was enough overlap between projects that certain things should be shared. Things like the audio biasing circuit, the power supply, and the footprint for various exotic parts. We wanted an easy way to share this information with others as well, and the concept of Open Circuits was born.

We got the framework up (Cina is a pimp) in about 24hours. Even if you are completely new to Wikis, we're sure you'll find things fairly straight forward. Please use the following template (edit this change and copy/paste) into your posting as a starting point.

Note: As you can see from the history of this site at Help:Contents, the User:Chazegh originally set up this site.

Tips on Reading Open Circuits[edit]

See: Tips on Using Open Circuits

The Engine[edit]

The Wiki Engine is: Welcome to There is a lot of info on working with the Wiki there.

Want to know How to delete spam?[edit]


Cam Files[edit]

Why can't I upload a *.cam file. It is used by Eagle for cam processors. There should be a better why to get help than posting to this page. --Linuxvolts 19:58, 23 May 2007 (PDT)

Would also be useful to upload zip files, these could contain any file type or archives of several file types. Probably should be a file size limit. russ_hensel feb '08.

Answer? I would sugjest something like sourceforge, bounty forge and others look around a CMS with drupal or joomla support can make your page building more automated and less fine grain work.

C Code and Files[edit]

How would I add my c code for my processor? Answer: C or other code that is just text can be put on any page, formatting may be a bit funny but anyone can cut and paste the code into their editor. I have found that you can get nice formatting if tabs are expanded to spaces ( many text editors will do this, Crimson Editor for example ) Make sure each line begins with at least one space. For more complicated projects with multiple files a zip file capibility ( not available now ) would be nice russ_hensel For low volume I, ( russ_hensel ), will ftp files to my space on comcast's ftp site, contact me.

I would sugest something like sourceforge, bounty forge and others look around a CMS with drupal or joomla support can make your page building more automated and less fine grain work. They have CVS & Subversion.

Upload Graphic Files[edit]

Upload with "upload file" link on left margin on most pages.

Messages to Users[edit]

Try to keep public discussions, go to the user's talk page and put a message there. ( how do you get there: go to the user's page, press discussion at the top of page. ) If a discussion is more general go to the topic and then press discussion. See: BackRoomDecision

unlinking section titles[edit]

Currently at Open Circuits, many section titles are active links. However, someone at Wikipedia once wrote:

"Section headings should not themselves contain links" -- Wikipedia: Wikipedia: Linking

Do their reasons for avoiding such links apply to Open Circuits? --DavidCary 00:35, 26 January 2010 (UTC)

How Can I Help[edit]

See we_love_volunteers

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