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Just some ideas for a board meeting:

There are 2 classes of these projects, but both would probably be done in conjunction with our Special Interest Groups

Projects We Work On As a Community[edit]

In these projects we will build something using lots of members skill and labor inputs. Some ideas:

  • It would be nice to have a cnc wood router. We can probably build one. If interested please contact: User:Russ_hensel
  • We could build out accessories for our tools, lead in and out tables for our saws would be good
  • Aquaponics SIG already seems to have built something, for a overview see: ???
  • Think the mushroom people seem to have something, for details see: ???
  • Russ has ideas for a lot of projects he does not have time for. We would do these, first for the maker space, and then perhaps repeat for members who want a copy. Some are listed here, but if you have an idea you can ask him if he has thought about it. User:Russ_hensel
    • Battery tab welder. Russ has about 1 farad at 35 volts, this should do the job.
    • Build some regulated power supplies from unregulated ones and junk.
    • Much more, russ add them as they occur.

Projects We Work On For the Community[edit]

For these projects we would work, using our skills to somehow aid the community. In some ways this is just an extension of some of the workshops we run at SCIL, but in some cases this might involve going out into the community.

Right now, we have just some ideas. Perhaps from the following:

  • Work with local schools to help with maker and STEM activities.
  • Make stuff for handicapped or home bound residents.

more comming.....