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Backup GUI

This is the GUI for the project Python Backup Program: details on each part below. This page is a draft in edit.... lots of stuff refers to a different program.

Smart plug gui b.png

System Widgets

These buttons are also present both the SmartPlug and the SmartPlug Graph application. They are related to managing the application, not to the purpose of the application.

  • <Edit Log> >Open the application python log file using the system editor specified in file. Note: The edit functions work only after you have configured for your systems text editor
  • <Edit Parms> >Open the application file using the system editor, after the file has been modified. The system can be quickly restarted using the Restart button.
  • <Help> >Open help file ( which mostly links to this wiki ?? )

Applcation Widgets

  • <Start>
  • <Pause>

Message Area Widgets

The message area is the large white area at the bottom left of the window. It is a scrolling text area.