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When Are We Meeting[edit]

Meetings have been disrupted by the holidays. Additionally there have been requests to move the meeting from Wed to some other night. Meetup is our main vehicle for communications but is not great and people are not too faithful in using it. For not please respond to the Jan 4th meeting notice on meetup Jan 4th Meeting. Please let me know if:

  • you want to attend or postpone ( how long and to what night of the week )
  • any other meeting schedule issues, please express interest in the group if you would like to be involved but cannot make our current schedule.SCIL at OpenCircuits
  • see SCIL at OpenCircuits and perhaps sign up for the list server.

When we have a new regular schedule it will be posted here and on meetup. In the next section of this page is an email address for me.


We seem to have started a new Special Interest Group around Arduinos and Motors. We plan to have meetings every 2 weeks and discuss various projects the members are either working on or thinking about. For info on our meetings see: Meetup Schedule

When you come to the meeting bring as much of your project as is easily portable. Do a show and tell, and ask questions if you have them. Show off your stuff and learn new stuff about the Arduino. Try to bring a computer, of if not perhaps your code on a flash drive.

While we will center our attention now on motors and their applications any Arduino topic is fair game.

Your help in editing and adding to this wiki would be appreciated contact Russ at: You can reach him ( EMAIL ) at: no_spam_please_666 at comcast dot net (REFORMAT FOR A VALID EMAIL ADDRESS). This address is just for first contact, I will respond with a better address after first contact.


This group is open to more members. Just come. There is no fee. We encourage you to join SCIL but this is not a requirement.

News / Status of this Page and the SIG[edit]

  • 2016 12 03 Scheduled meetups, but all of the meeting depend on level of RSVP as the holidays make attending difficult. After the new year we will have a regular schedule.
  • 2016 12 04 Added some material here based on our last meeting.


Xternal Links / Answers to Questions[edit]

These are links related to events at meetings, probably will only make much sense if you were there.

  • What is that low powered, cheap, wifi, arduino thing? looking for some eps links:

Member Projects[edit]

Why not add your project here

Project Ideas[edit]